Emil Richards HP
One of the top legend studio percussion player in L.A.

Dave Weckl HP
He is a one of the best drummer in the world. In his lesson he showed me how to apply natural flowing body motion to the drums.

Jimmy Branly(Drums) HP
Great drummer from Cuba. He also good recording engineer.

Katisse Buckingham(Sax) HP
Great Saxophone and Flute player in L.A .
Sandro Albert(Guitar) HP
He is a great friend of mine from Brazil. He also a one of the top jazz guitar player and composer in L.A .

Larry Steen HP
Great bass player in L.A. I played with him at Sandro Albert's gig in L.A.

Motohito Fukushima (Bass) HP
Bass player from Kobe Japan. Good freind of mine.

Florian Weber HP
Piano player from Germany. I played with him at Kansai International Jazz Festival 2002.

Otmaro Ruiz HP
One of the best piano player and composer in LA.

Hiromi Uehara HP
Great piano player from Japan. I used to play with her at Berklee College of Music.
Emir Isislay(Piano) HP
Composer and piano player from Turkey. He also great freind of mine.